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Amy has written several novels and short story collections, including Only in a Small Town and Other Twisted Tales, published by Goose River Press. She resides on a farm in Indiana with her dogs, cats and horses. Amy was a hunter-jumper rider for twenty years, competing around the country at horse shows, including placing in some grands prix. She took a break from that and started an original rock band, “Sculpture.” They recorded a seven-song CD, “All Mankind,” at Salt Mine Studios in Mesa, Arizona in the late 1990s, as well as at Zaney Recording in Scottsdale. She still woodsheds as well as raises and trains horses and is a licensed real estate agent.

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This latest short story collection of Amy’s runs the gamut of dark humor to comedy and science fiction/fantasy. Although the stories vary greatly, each one is entertaining and has a surprise ending. They’re not called “twisted” for nothing!

It is the author’s initial short story collection, each ending having an unfortunate result for someone.

“Off-beat stories created to make fun of not always likable characters,” would be the most apt description of Amy Kristoff’s latest collection of short stories. There’s even a horse for a main character, in one.

Dogs and Their Twisted Tales is a collection of offbeat stories, from horror and fantasy, to dark humor and just plain comedy. One is even a love story. The common thread? Dogs! Whether or not you like them, prepare to be entertained.

The latest short story collection of Amy’s is for anyone who enjoys an entertaining read. You don’t even have to like dogs or cats. Although it appears none of the stories could be based on fact, remember: sometimes the truth really is stranger than fiction.

This romance novel is not only about love but loss and redemption.

A short story collection featuring the neurotic, the eccentric and the just plain weird!

Amy’s first book, “Chelsea’s Story,” was published in 1993. Semi auto-biographical, it was “anonymously” dedicated to the Cars’ Ben Orr. She was able to meet him and give him a copy of the book before his passing.

This is the third “dog-themed” short story collection of Amy’s. One tale has a murderess, another has an apparition, a couple have robots, one is futuristic . . . and more!

Some of the characters in this entertaining short story collection include a precocious and demonic young girl; a neophyte real estate agent on personal and professional overload; and a selfish, delusional homemaker!


Short Cat Tales is exactly what the title suggests: short tales about cats! The quirky characters and plot lines make it more than just a collection of feline-centered vignettes!